Garden & Bar
Sigma 59 - Garden

Escape to S59 indoor tropical Garden Bar

An oasis for drinks and cocktails

S59 bar features an indoor garden that adds to the beauty of this joint, and the extensive wine list completes the dining experience. The cocktails and wine list theirself could be compared to a bible on account of thickness and extensive nature! As fot the upper floor, it's overlooking the garden, specially designed for those looking for privacy in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere!

Bartenders at Sigma59, have a true talent when it comes to creating the perfect drink for any particular occasion.

gastronomy Experience

When you love a restaurant-bar covered in flowers


In Sigma59 we are taking cocktails seriously! If you are into the art of cocktails, you can’t miss a night here, as the ingredients that are used are very carefully selected, offering classic cocktails and new inventions!


Discover our comprehensive wine list offering Greek and international red, wine and rosé wines by the glass or bottle! Our strong relationships with boutique Grecian wine producers, encourages diners and wine lovers to experiment!