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Here you taste our philosophy

A gastronomical vision

Just like our space was designed to bring the outdoors indoors - through rich vegetation that was incorporated into the interior architecture, our menu was designed to bring the harvest and fresh ingredients of the Cretan land on your plate. The roughness of a free-range animal's meet, the acidity of the pure local olive oil or the spiciness of the mountain herbs, have been combined and refined to produce unique complex flavours.

At Σ59 you will find dishes for all tastes since we cater to individuals with special dietitian requirements such as vegetarians or pescatarians.


A journey into the Cretan philosophy


If you're a morning person, our freshly grounded coffee and nutritious breakfast options will boost your energy, while the all-day menu has all the tasty options for you to choose from, including delicious hot meals, delightful snacks, and cool refreshing drinks. Escape for a while into our cool oasis to have a drink and recharge!

Sigma59 tastes

Sit and enjoy a sumptuous dine with your beloved ones, exactly like a Greek family does. Enjoy chef-inspired creations suited to every taste! In Sigma59, your dine will be a sensational gastronomic experience!

Sigma59 menu